The Old Gods

Episode # 1
"A Fateful Night"

• Duval an Elf Paladin, Gren a Half-Orc Warlock and Quill a Human Ranger meet in the Torchlight Tavern in Lantern Town. Their downtime is cut short when a battalion of goblins tunnel their way through the crypts of the local temple of Qarak and attack the town. The attack is lead by the notorious Botch the Strangler.
• Gren knocks Botch unconscious with a sleep spell and the homicidal hobgoblin is taken to the Rangers hall. The next day many people begin to flee the town for The Eternal City of Vell, a large city to the north.
• Gren rescues Quill from the bodyguards of a shady Halfling merchant she tried to steal from.
• The party interrogate Botch in the Rangers Hall, he mentions the Wrath-Wood King. And the party learn he is responsible for the death of a dwarf prince in the city of Iron-Root, deep within the The Under-Woods. Quill suggests rather than killing Botch they take him to Iron Root to answer for his crimes.
• As the party prepare to enter the descend into the dwarven city from the Rift, the Halfling merchant, along with his Tiefling bodyguards and dwarves with cats painted on their shields ambush the party.

• The mage Vey Castle-Born is cheating at strength contests with her bracers of strength and earning a lot of coin.
• Duval begins a business int the Torchlight Taverns cellar, teaching townsfolk how to use a sword.
• The party meet the town Wrath-wood rangers known as the Wood-Walkers, other ranger’s guilds include the Frost-Keepers and the Stone-Bearers.


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